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Golden Eminence - Treasures from the Palace Museum and the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

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In the Qing dynasty, successive Panchen Lamas established close political ties with the court. The successive Panchen Lamas’ offerings to Qing emperors and the court’s gifts to the Panchen Lamas – which are housed in the Palace Museum and the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery – are the most important evidence of this part of history. Golden Eminence - Treasures from the Palace Museum and the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery brings together 137 precious cultural relics from both collections. The treasures unveil the profound Tibetan Buddhist art and culture, and the Chinese nation’s multi-ethnic unity and inclusiveness. This exhibition catalogue features images and captions of all 137 exhibits and the abstract of a research essay.

Candida Höfer - Epic Gaze

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Candida Höfer, considered one of the most important conceptual photographers of the latter half of the 20th century, is known for her signature eye-level orthogonal views of architectural interiors of public spaces that are devoid of human presence. Her works inspire people to reflect on the meaning of these spaces that carry religious, aesthetic and humanistic significance. The hardcover catalogue Candida Höfer - Epic Gaze features a total of 60 images of all the artworks in the exhibition chosen from the body of work developed by Höfer over the last 20 years, organised in six major sections: ‘Passages’, ‘Theatres’, ‘Museums’, ‘Libraries’, ‘Worldview’ and ‘Unseen Works’. It also includes an interview between the curators and Höfer about her first solo exhibition in Macao, as well as Herbert Burkert's 'Four Questions and A Disclosure' discussing Höfer's half-century creative process.

Review of Culture, Chinese edition, no. 119 (RCC)

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Review of Culture, International edition, no. 73 (RCI)

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To mark the centenary of the birth of Henrique de Senna Fernandes, the journal presents this special issue offering an exploration of the literary genre, aesthetic output, sociological perspective, and the distinctive feminine representation in his works.


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Centennial Retrospective of Lok Cheong's Art

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The renowned late Macao painter Lok Cheong (1923-2006) made a tremendous contribution to the local painting circle. In celebration of his 100th birthday, the Macao Museum of Art presented Centennial Retrospective of Lok Cheong’s Art. The exhibition is divided into five sections: (1) Love for the Motherland, (2) Capturing the Character of Macao, (3) Portraits, (4) Sketching from the Heart and (5) Works by Fellow Artists. The exhibition showcases a collection of 100 paintings by Lok Cheong, along with some of his sketches and his friends’ remarkable works which are exhibited for the first time. A total of 150 works include oil paintings, watercolours, Chinese paintings, drawings, manuscripts and documents. Together, they cast a light on Lok Cheong’s life, artistic career and legacy. His works are expressive, demonstrating his love for Macao and the motherland. The catalogue encompasses all the exhibits featured in the exhibition, as well as thesis, artist’s chronology, and more.

Yun Shouping - Paintings and Calligraphy from the Palace Museum and the Shanghai Museum

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Yun Shouping (1633 - 1690), along with the ‘Four Wangs’ and Wu Li, is one of the ‘Six Masters of the early Qing period’. His bird-and-flower paintings initiated a new trend during his generation. He was hailed as the best of the ‘Six Scholars of Piling’ and recognised as a pioneer of the ‘orthodox school of realism’ (xieshang zhengpai) that gained him great acclaim during the early years of Emperor Qianlong’s reign. His flowers were rendered in clear, gorgeous and refined colours, displaying a vivid and lifelike quality. The artist innovated ‘boneless’ flower painting techniques and he became an artistic master during his generation. The exhibition, Yun Shouping - Paintings and Calligraphy from the Palace Museum and the Shanghai Museum, showcases over 180 artworks including the painter’s oeuvre at various creative stages, his family’s artistic heritage, works by his disciples – such as Ma Yuanyu, Fan Tingzhen and Zhang Wei – and remarkable pieces by fellow artists like Wang Hui, Wang Shimin and Zha Shibiao. The hardcover catalogue, Yun Shouping: Paintings and Calligraphy from the Palace Museum and the Shanghai Museum, features images of all the artworks in the exhibition, along with detailed information about each piece. The catalogue also includes theses authored by experts from the Palace Museum and the Shanghai Museum. It is divided into three sections: ‘Masterpieces – Craftsmanship Beyond Nature’, ‘Disciples and Successors’ and ‘Fellow Artists’.