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Centuries-Old Legacy - Macao's Landscape and Architecture Paintings from the Macao Museum of Art

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This bilingual book in Chinese and English includes paintings created by Macao and non-local painters from the 18th to the 21st century, featuring themes of Macao’s landscape and architecture, presenting the architectural legacy and cultural connotations of the city’s World Heritage sites while revealing the artists and the events that marked the development of Western art in Macao. Composed of three sections, namely, ‘Visitors from Afar’, ‘A Kaleidoscope’, and ‘City of Glamour’, the book features 83 selected pieces from the collection of the Macao Museum of Art, which encompass early fine art masterpieces, prints and illustrations by Western artists, as well as sketches, watercolours, oil paintings, ink artworks and prints from the 20th century onwards. The works thread together renowned artists’ footprints in Macao in different periods.

Review of Culture, International edition, no. 69 (RCI)

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Issue no. 69 features the planned transformation and expansion of the Macao urban landscape from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

Review of Culture, Chinese edition, no. 115 (RCC)

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See Table of Contents in the publication

Zhao Zhao - A Long Day

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Zhao Zhao is a representative figure among the new generation of Chinese artists. He was named by Modern Painters as one of the world’s ‘25 Artists to Watch in 2014’. Zhao Zhao: A Long Day is the catalogue of the homonymous exhibition featuring his artistic creations with cultural attributes, which intends to present the new panorama of Chinese contemporary art in Macao, an East-meets-West city. In his creative activities, the artist tracks the subtle inner changes in people impacted by multiculturalism. The idea of combining contemporary artistic expression and traditional culture in his works is a metaphor for people’s living conditions in today’s global context and their true status in a modern society. This catalogue includes images of all the exhibits, along with relevant introductory texts and information about the works.

恩澤鏡海 - 媽閣廟與澳門的人文風景

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該書從媽祖信俗的歷史出發,聯繫到澳門社會的發展,以帶出媽閣廟在澳門多元文化以及旅遊經濟中所代表的意義。該書 同時探索了媽閣廟始建年代之謎,以及所經歷的空間變遷,特別是當中的碑石銘刻,既是歷代騷人墨客閑情雅致及文人風 骨的印記,也成為了澳門珍貴的文化遺產,作者以生動的筆觸,將之一一呈現於讀者眼前。

Review of Culture, International edition, no. 68 (RCI)

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Issue no. 68 features a comparative study of Portuguese educational policies in Portuguese Africa and Macao at the end of the colonial period.

Artworks by the Artists of Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists 2022

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The "Collective Exhibition of Macau Artists" was held in 1984, aimed at discovering local outstanding artists, artworks and establishing a showcase for the local painting and calligraphy art. Over the past years, the exhibition has attracted many senior and new artists to participate actively, and played an important role in the inheritance and development of calligraphy and painting art. This catalog brings together a total of 82 pieces/sets of winning and selected artworks from the artworks collected, in 2021.

In the Breezes of Spring - Paintings and Calligraphy by Yang Shanshen Donated to the MAM Collection by Lei Loi Tak and Lao Ngai Leong

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Yang Shanshen (1913 – 2004), a native of Taishan, Guangdong, was a master of the Lingnan School of Painting. This catalogue includes a total of 100 sets of calligraphy and paintings donated by Lei Loi Tak and Lao Ngai Leong to the Macao Museum of Art, all of which are masterpieces of Yang Shanshen in his later years. In addition to savouring the works of art, readers will not only have a glimpse of Yang’s style of Lingnan School painting, but also appreciate the benevolence of Lei and Lao.