1. Do I have to be a registered user to purchase on the Website?
    We welcome everyone to visit the Website at any time but you will be required to sign up when you place item into the shopping cart.
  2. How to register a new account on the Website?
    To create a new account, you need to enter a username, email address, and password. You will receive a verification link by email with which you can activate your account. After that, you can place an order at any time and pay online.
  3. What should I do if I have forgotten my login password?
    You may click “Forgot password” on the login page and enter your registered email address. We shall email you an URL link that will enable you to reset your password.
  4. Can I choose the delivery method?
    Express Mail Service (EMS) provided by the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) is the only delivery option on this Website.
  5. How to calculate the postage cost?
    CTT’s EMS postal rates shall apply to the purchase orders on the Website. In addition, customs duties, taxes, and fees levied by destination country or region shall be borne by the customer.
    To estimate the postage cost, please visit https://ems.ctt.gov.mo/contents/EMSprice.aspx.
  6. Do I need to limit the quantity in a single order in order to meet the size and limits on parcels?
    CTT has restrictions on the size and weight of each package. If your items, when all packed into a single package, exceed the limits, we shall break your order into separate packages to meet the requirements. 
    For details of the limits of weight and dimension of postal items, please visit https://ems.ctt.gov.mo/contents/EMSLimitaion.aspx.
  7. Is there a retention period for my parcel?
    You will receive an email notification after your parcel is delivered into the care of CTT. Please collect your parcel within three months afterwards. Any delay shall cause cancellation of the purchase order, and, in such case, all payment and the postage shall not be refunded.
  8. For addressees in Macao, can I choose self pick-up?
    You can choose, without additional cost, to collect your order at a library under the Cultural Affairs Bureau if the order is to be collected in Macao. However, the selected pickup venue cannot be changed once the payment is made.
  9. How to collect my order at designated library? Can I authorize a third person to collect my order? Is there any retention period?
    You will receive an SMS notification when your items are ready to collect. Please pick up the parcel at the chosen library within one month afterwards. If not, the parcel shall be returned to us, and, in such case, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase order without any refund. To collect the parcel, please present the SMS notification or your ID card. If you authorize a third person to collect the parcel on your behalf, the collector must present the SMS notification and sign an acknowledgement of receipt.
  10. What are the payment methods available on the Website?
    Online payment on the Website can be made via the payment methods accepted by our designated electronic payment platform. The order total and postage can only be paid in Macao patacas (MOP), with a limit of MOP30,000 for each order. After payment, we shall send you an email notice of successful payment.
  11. Can I cancel or change my order?
    Once the payment is made, you cannot cancel or change the order.
  12. How long does it take to process my order after successful payment?
    Your order items shall be delivered into the care of CTT within eight working days after the payment is made. You can track your parcel with the tracking number that we shall send to you by email. Under any circumstances that are not attributable to us, we reserve the right to postpone the process to the earliest possible day.
  13. Why is my order canceled after successful payment?
    In case of failure to provide the order items due to insufficient stock or force majeure event, such as natural disaster, political factor, strike and war, we reserve the right to cancel the order unilaterally. Customer shall receive a cancellation notification by email and within three months shall receive refund through the card account used for payment, at the exchange rate applied on the day when the refund is issued. In such case, we shall not bear any other responsibilities than the refund mentioned above.
  14. Can I request an exchange after receiving my order items?
    Please check all items carefully upon receipt. If any of the following applies, you can send an exchange request to us within five days after receipt. Beyond that, such request shall be denied.
    1. Printing errors: such as incorrect pages and reverse prints
    2. Binding and layout errors: such as upside down, missing or misplaced pages
    3. Wrong items: sending wrong books
    4. Misdelivery: delivery to wrong address
      If none of the mentioned-above applies, exchange request shall not be processed.
  15. 15. How to request an exchange?
    Please send an exchange request to bookshop@icm.gov.mo, with the reason for exchange clearly stated. You will soon receive an exchange request form by email, and should send back the following to complete the exchange request:
    1. A completed exchange request form
    2. Photo of the item(s) to exchange
    3. Invoice
      Upon receipt of the above, we shall check if the exchange request is acceptable, and reserve the right to refuse any exchange requests.
  16. Do I need to send back the received item(s) for an exchange?
    You will receive an email notification when the exchange request is accepted. Please properly pack the returned item(s) and mail to us, at your own expense, within one month upon receipt of the notification of acceptance. We shall not be liable to any loss or damage on the way back of the returned item(s).

    Upon receipt of the returned item(s) within the requested time period, we shall send replacement to you by EMS at our own cost.