The House of Macao Literature: Studies and Reviews

Contributions towards the Study of Macao Literature -Thirty Portuguese Language Authors

MOP 150.00

(This book was published in Portuguese) Integrated in The House of Macao Literature Series, this work, the first one in the Studies and Reviews Series, aims to promote the path and works of Macao's authors, as well as others who recorded their thoughts, narratives, fictions or concerns in Portuguese.

An Introduction to Macao Modernist Poetry

MOP 80.00

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Brief Monography of Macao - A Study on Documented Poems and Essays

MOP 80.00

(This book was published in Chinese) Brief Monography of Macao - A Study on Documented Poems and Essays focuses its studies on poems and essays. At the same time, it presents a more accurate understanding of this literary creation in specific historical conditions. This book will help readers to deepen their knowledge of Macao's history and literature, it will also be useful for exploring the origins of Macao's literature.

Selected Macao Literary Review Published in Taiwan and Hong Kong

MOP 120.00

(This book was published in Chinese) This book contains several materials for the study of Macao's literature published in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and selected over thirty articles representing Macao's literature, with contents ranging from literary phenomena, textual analysis, stylistics interpretation and trends of thought. This book clearly outlines and vividly shows both the flow and trajectory of literary dissemination from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. This work offers innovative perspectives and considerations about the appreciation of Macao's literary image and the dialogue witnessed in Chinese literature.