Photo Series by Chan Hin Io

Where the World Heritage Shines - Photographs of the Historic Centre of Macao (Revised Edition)

MOP 150.00

Where the World Heritage Shines – Photographs of the Historic Centre of Macao” is an album that presents the historic centre in the eyes of local photographer Chan Hin Io, covering the 25 historic heritage sites and featuring the festivities and religious activities related to the places. Taken from rarely seen angles, these photos not only depict the city’s mix of eastern and western cultures, but also reflect the community’s close connection with the historic centre, leading the readers to look closer to the city’s cultural treasures in different perspectives.

Picturesque Beauty of the Land - Aerial Photos of Macao by Chan Hin Io

MOP 120.00

Through aerial photography technology, the author of Picturesque Beauty of the Landscape, Chan Hin Io, captures a rich variety of Macao’s landscape from high altitude, including buildings, festivities, bridges, construction projects, among others, offering a distinctive composition and revealing the urban development and the city’s street network from new perspectives.

Reflection of Macao - documentary photographs by Chan Hin Io

MOP 150.00

Chan Hin Io uses the technique of documentary photography to record the urban landscape in a faithful manner through his lens and subtle sense of observation. The album, which comprises black and white photographs, is divided in four sections, namely “Streetscapes”, “Lanes and Alleys”, “Neighbourhood” and “Old Stores and Shops”, is a true testimony of the urban landscape and daily life of the residents in Macao in a specific period of time. The album is extremely precious and represents a crucial value to art, history and humanity, as it reflects the photographer’s concern for society, respect for life as well as an emphasis on traditional folk crafts and old stores.