The House of Macao Literature: Historical Information

Red Bean in the Desert - A Compilation of all Editions of the Red Bean Magazine The House of Macao Literature - Literary Works Series (I)

MOP 250.00

(This book was published in Chinese) It is a reissue and compilation of all the Red Bean magazines, an important literature and arts publication, manually printed in Macao during the 1960s. The book includes interviews to surviving members who participated in editing the Red Bean. The article, titled “The Memory of Red Bean”, is related to the interviews and has interest for a historically themed approach. It is the first book in the Documentation series of the book Series: The House of Macao Literature.

A Bibliography of Macao Literature (1600-2014)

MOP 150.00

(This book was published in Chinese) Throughout years of compiling and investigation, the author selected over 6,000 bibliographies about literature in Macao. By analyzing the characteristics and tendencies of literary works related to Macao, in terms of content, language and editorial institutions, the author presents a picture of the current development of Macao's literature in the Chinese, Portuguese and English worlds, and contributes a valuable reference for the history of literary development in Macao.

The Trumpet of the Times - Life of Poet F. Hua-Lin

MOP 100.00

(This book was published in Chinese) The poet F. Hua-Lin (1915-1992), whose birthname was Fung Kam Chiu, was born in Macao. He got recognition in the world of modern Chinese poems during the 1930s and 1940s. He was known as “The Trumpet of the Times” during the “isolated island period”, in Shanghai. For over ten years, the poet moved between Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao, and published a large number of modern poems and translations, including Mei Gui (Rose), Xiang Ri Kui (Sunflower), Man Tian Xing (Baby's breath), Qian Niu Hua (Morning Glory), Huo Hua Ji (Sparkling Flame), and Hua Ling Si Wen Ji (Poems and Writings Collection of F. Hua-Lin). Through research into the manuscripts, poetry, photographs and letters, the author offers a comprehensive introduction to the personality, poetry and life of the poet F. Hua-Lin.

Compilation of the Works by the Literary Society Xueshe

MOP 380.00

(This book was published in Chinese) “Xueshe” was a well-established literary society in Macao during the early 20th century. This book is a reprint of the main works published by the Literary Society Xueshe, including the Shisheng (Xue Tang Monthly Magazine), Poems of the Literary Society Xueshe, Snows, Poems from the Liuchu and Green Leaves, among others. With literary and historical value, it is an important reference for the study of Macao's literature and society during the 20th century.

Description and Compilation of the Indexes of Macao's Literary Magazines

MOP 170.00

(This book was published in Chinese) The compilation of the city's literary magazines, which is crucial for the preservation of Macao's cultural memory, is an urgent task towards organizing its history of literature and fighting neglection.It is also a fundamental part of the historical enrichment of “Studies on Macao” and for improving the subject's framework. This description and compilation of magazine's indexes covers a dozen of the main literary magazines published in Macao over the last hundred years, presenting the workings of each publication with entries and annotations, listing in detail the indexes of said magazines. It is a high-quality reference for readers involved in studying Macao's literature and for understanding the literary history background of Macao.