Terms of Purchase

Cultural Affairs Bureau Online Book ShopTerms of Purchase

By placing an order with the Cultural Affairs Bureau Online Book Shop (hereinafter “the Website”), customer acknowledges and agrees on the terms of purchase, privacy policies and disclaimer clauses applied by the Website.

1. Terms of purchase

1.1 User registration
User can visit the Website at any time and shall be required to sign up when any item is placed into the shopping cart.
When signing up for a new account, user must enter username, email address, and password. The Website shall send a message that contains a verification link to the registered email address. After the account is activated, user can place an order and pay online.
User must enter the registered email address if he/she has forgotten the password when sign in. A password reset URL shall be sent to the registered email address with which user can reset the password accordingly.

1.2 Delivery method and postage
Delivery method: Express Mail Service (EMS) provided by the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT) is the only courier service option.
Postage: CTT’s EMS postal rates shall apply.
CTT has restrictions on the size and weight of each package. If the package exceeds the limits, the order items shall be sent separately.
Any customs duties, taxes, and fees levied by destination country or region shall be borne by customer.
The parcel(s) must be collected within three months after the package(s) is delivered into the care of CTT. Any delay shall cause cancellation of the purchase order and, in such case, all payment, including the postage, shall not be refunded.
Self-pickup service is only available for order to an addressee in Macao. Customer can choose a self-pickup point from the option list in this Website. Order details cannot be modified once the payment is made. Parcel must be picked up within one month after the pickup notification is issued. Orders not picked up shall be returned to us and, in such case, we reserve the right to cancel the order without any refund.

1.3 Online payment
Online payment on the Website can be made via the payment methods accepted by our designated electronic payment platform. When making payment, customer shall be directed to the platform’s webpage for payment process.
The order total can only be paid in Macao patacas (MOP), with a limit of MOP30,000 for each order.
According to the clause regarding settlement and collection of income under Article 32, Administrative Regulation no.2/2018 of the Macao S.A.R. (Regulation of the Budget Framework Law), if an amount is not a multiple of a whole pataca, the fractional part shall be taken up as one pataca.  Upon settlement on the website, the decimal places will be automatically rounded up as one pataca.
After payment, customer shall receive an email notice of successful payment. Once the payment is made, customer cannot cancel or modify the order.

1.4 Order processing
Within eight working days after the purchase order is completed and payment is made, the Website shall deliver the package(s) into the care of CTT. Under any circumstances that are not attributable to the Website, the process can be postponed until the earliest possible day.

1.5 Insufficient stock or force majeure event
In case of failure to provide the order items due to insufficient stock or force majeure event, such as natural disaster, political factor, strike, and war, the Website reserves the right to cancel the order unilaterally. Customer shall receive a cancellation notification via email and within three months shall receive refund through the account used for payment, at an exchange rate on the day when the refund is issued. The Website shall not bear any other responsibilities than those mentioned above.

1.6 Exchange request
Customer should check the goods carefully upon receipt. If any of the following applies, customer can submit an exchange request within five consecutive days after receipt of the goods. Beyond that, such request shall be denied.

a. Printing errors: such as incorrect pages and reverse prints
b. Binding and layout errors: such as upside down, missing or misplaced pages
c. Wrong items: sending wrong books
d. Misdelivery: delivery to wrong address

If none of the mentioned-above applies, exchange request shall not be processed.

Customer can send an exchange request by email to bookshop@icm.gov.mo, with the book condition clearly stated. Customer shall soon receive an exchange request form by email, and should send back the following to complete the exchange request:

1) A completed exchange request form
2)Photo of the item(s) to exchange

Upon receipt of the above, the Website shall check if the request is eligible for an exchange, and reserves the right to refuse any exchange requests.

Customer shall be notified by email if the exchange request is accepted. Customer should properly pack the returned item(s) and mail to us, at their own expense, within one month upon receipt of the notification of acceptance. The Website shall not be liable to any loss or damage on the way back.

Upon receipt of the returned item(s) within the requested time period, the Website shall send replacement to customer by EMS at our own cost. In case of insufficient stock, we shall issue a refund according to Paragraph 1.5 “Insufficient stock or force majeure event”.

2.Privacy policies

2.1 Data security
The Website is using internationally standard encryption protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to convert all data, such as customer name, email address, and postal address, into numbers which can only be interpreted by the web server to effectively protect the data from unauthorized access during transmission across the Internet.

2.2 Right to privacy
Customer data collected by the Website, such as name, email address, and postal address, are for contact and postal purposes only.
The Website has taken proper measures to keep all customer data confidential, but only limited to the data collected by the Website.
When disclosure is required by applicable laws in the Macao Special Administrative Region, or when customer commits an illegal act, the Website shall provide data to the authorities.
With SSL technology which can fully protect any website that involves data transmission, the Website can ensure all data collected for online purchases are processed in confidential.
The Website shall not directly access and record customer’s credit card data, which shall only be transmitted to the financial institution’s payment gateway.

3. Disclaimer clauses

3.1 By placing an order with the Website, customer acknowledges and agrees on the terms of purchase, privacy policies and disclaimer clauses applied by the Website.

3.2 The Website shall endeavour to ensure that the publication information is correct, but shall not make any express or implied warranties that such information is accurate.

3.3 The Website shall not be liable for any loss, destruction or damage resulting from or related to the use or improper use of or on the basis of the data contained in the Website.

3.4 The Website shall do its utmost to ensure the security of data stored in the system. However, the Internet cannot absolutely guarantee the security of data transmission or reception and therefore the risk is not within the scope of responsibility of the Website. Meanwhile, it is deemed that customer understands and acknowledges that there must be a risk in transmitting data online and agrees to bear such risk and all losses arising therefrom.

3.5 If there is any inconsistency among the traditional Chinese version, simplified Chinese version, Portuguese version and English version of the Website, the traditional Chinese version shall prevail.

3.6 If user or customer is found taking any type of adverse action on the Website, the Website has the right to terminate or suspend his/her access to the Website without prior notice.

3.7 The Website may maintain, modify or terminate its services where it is deemed necessary, such as system failure, website maintenance and update, stock check and service changes.

3.8 The Website assumes no responsibilities whatever for any loss caused to the customer or any third party incorporating or made by the use of the service on the Website, particularly when:

  1. the designated electronic payment platform or the payment system is out of service, suspends or fails to operate properly;
  2. any delay, failure, loss, or error occurs during the process of data transmission, receiving and processing as a result of the telecommunications network that supports the service being interrupted, affected by network delay, or disconnected;
  3. the network, computer, modem, equipment or any devices, including hardware and software, of any third party, is damaged due to the use of the service.

3.9 We shall issue refunds according to the refund policies as specified in paragraph 1.5, and accept exchange requests according to the exchange policies as listed in paragraph 1.6.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region has the right to change the terms and conditions on the Website without prior notice. Such changes or amendments shall not be deemed as reasons to make any claim against the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

3.10 Online purchases on the Website shall be governed by the present laws in the Macao Special Administrative Region. The courts of the Macao Special Administrative Region shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising from purchases on the Website and declare waiver of other forms of jurisdiction.