Works by Lam Un Mei and Ye Jiehao - Grand Prize Winners Artists of Jury Award in Collective Exhibition of Macao Artist (Catalogue of Lam Un mei, Catalogue of Ye Jiehao)
Year of publication:2020
Size:27 X 19.1 cm
Format:Book set
Price:MOP 200.00
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To encourage local artists to continuously explore and advance along the journey of artistic creation, the Cultural Affairs Bureau is specially hosting an exhibition of works by Ms. Lam Un Mei and Mr. Ye Jiehao, who won the Grand Prize of Jury Award in the Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts in 2018 and the Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists in 2019 respectively, presenting more works of the two artists to the general public. This exhibition features 38 prints and seal carvings by the two artists, including their award-winning works and new creations since 2016.