Description and Compilation of the Indexes of Macao's Literary Magazines
Collection:The House of Macao Literature - Documentation series (V)
Year of publication:2020
Size:29 X 20.8 cm
Price:MOP 170.00
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(This book was published in Chinese) The compilation of the city's literary magazines, which is crucial for the preservation of Macao's cultural memory, is an urgent task towards organizing its history of literature and fighting neglection.It is also a fundamental part of the historical enrichment of “Studies on Macao” and for improving the subject's framework. This description and compilation of magazine's indexes covers a dozen of the main literary magazines published in Macao over the last hundred years, presenting the workings of each publication with entries and annotations, listing in detail the indexes of said magazines. It is a high-quality reference for readers involved in studying Macao's literature and for understanding the literary history background of Macao.