Compilation of the Works by the Literary Society Xueshe
Collection:The House of Macao Literature: Historical Information The House of Macao Literature - Documentation series (IV)
Year of publication:2016
Size:29.6 X 21.2 cm
Format:Book set (3 books, paperback)
Price:MOP 380.00
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(This book was published in Chinese) “Xueshe” was a well-established literary society in Macao during the early 20th century. This book is a reprint of the main works published by the Literary Society Xueshe, including the Shisheng (Xue Tang Monthly Magazine), Poems of the Literary Society Xueshe, Snows, Poems from the Liuchu and Green Leaves, among others. With literary and historical value, it is an important reference for the study of Macao's literature and society during the 20th century.