Flu ; ID Artworks by Lo Hio Ieng - Grand Prize Winner Artist of Jury Award in Collective Exhibition of Macao Artists
Year of publication:2023
Language:Chinese, English, Portuguese
Size:59.4 X 42 cm
Price:MOP 130.00
Discounted price:MOP 104.00
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In 2020, Lo Hio Ieng’s animation artwork “Animus” was selected as the Grand Prize of Jury Award and Outstanding Artworks Award in the “Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts” out of more than 300 pieces (sets) of submission artworks. The Cultural Affairs Bureau put up this solo exhibition of Lo Hio Ieng’s artworks to allow the audience to take in more of the magnificent artworks produced by the award-winning artists while also encouraging and inspiring them to continue their creative journeys. The exhibition features the artist’s award-winning creations as well as four new pieces from 2018 to the present, including animations, motion pictures, and graphic works, as well as an immersive experience room the artist had designed for the exhibition.