Wandering across the Landscape - Collection of the Macao Museum of Art
Year of publication:2020
Language:Chinese, English, Portuguese
Size:28 X 27.5 cm
Price:MOP 280.00
Discounted price:MOP 224.00
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This paperback catalogue contains images of all items showcased in the exhibition ‘Wandering across the Landscape: Collection of the Macao Museum of Art’ as well as relevant articles. The catalogue features over 160 items in the collection, which were created by foreign artists between the 17th and the 21th centuries to represent the landscape of Macao, and comprises three sections: ‘Topographical Images: Prints from the 17th to the 19th Centuries’, ‘Chinnery’s Shadow: The Artist, His Companions and Students’ and ‘Traces of Modern Art: Works from the 20th to the 21st Centuries’. The catalogue brings together the artistic footprints left in Macao by artists from different regions, from paintings made by painters of Western diplomatic corps and travelling artists in earlier times to oil paintings, ink paintings, prints, sculptures and video installations produced by foreign artists in the 21st century with a modernist or contemporary touch.