Reminiscences of the Silk Road - Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Western Xia Dynasty
Translator:Maria da Graça Marques (Portuguese) Song Zijian (English)
Year of publication:2019
Language:Chinese, English, Portuguese
Size:35.5 X 26 cm
Price:MOP 400.00
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This book is published in Chinese, Portuguese and English. The image depicts Western Xia on the Silk Road. Western Xia was founded in 1038 AD, and lies along the Eastern belt of the Hexi Corridor. In its heyday, the area spanned the entire Ningxia Autonomous Region, some part of province of Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Shaanxi, there is one way of speaking, “East to Yellow River, West to Yumen, South to Xiaoguan and North to desert”. In the early period, Western Xia was compared to the Northern Song Dynasty and the Liao Dynasty, and later confronted with the Southern Song Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty, which lasted 190 years and passed through ten emperors. Even later, the splendid culture of Western Xia disappeared together, but as of the 20th Century, and with the emergence of documents and relics, understanding of the Western Xia People has emerged as a valuable treasure.