Selected Poems by Li Dan
Author:Li Dan
Collection:The House of Macao Literature: Works of Literature The House of Macao Literature - Literary Works Series (III)
Year of publication:2019
Size:21 X 14 cm
Price:MOP 80.00
Discounted price:MOP 64.00
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(This book was published in Chinese) Li Dan (1933-2009) was a poet born in Macao, whose poems, in his early stage, were filled with patriotic passion and romantic imagination, while his later works have a calmer, more introspective character, with refined images and philosophical thoughts. This book is the first to gather Li Dan's poems. It includes 76 selected pieces and broadly presents his creation trajectory and the poet's stylistic changes. It helps on indirectly reflecting the evolution of Macao's poetry, from its content to its aesthetics, throughout the second half of the 20th century. It also includes interviews, forewords by friends and family, photographs, as well as essays about the appreciation of poetry, granting a multilayered introduction to the life and poetry of Li Dan, whose name is well-known but whose life is unknown in Macao's literary history. It is a contribution towards expanding the study of literature and poetry in Macao.