Strolling and Feeling - Watercolour Paintings of Lai Ieng
Translator:PROMPT - Design, edição e tradução de texto
Year of publication:2019
Language:Chinese, English, Portuguese
Size:27.5 X 28 cm
Price:MOP 170.00
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This catalogue contains 32 works showcased in "Strolling and Feeling: Watercolour paintings of Lai Ieng" exhibition. The author has created those watercolours when he walked through the streets and alleys of Macao, and travelled across the islands over the years. Both well-known landmarks and unremarkable small corners have become his inspirational painting themes. When leafing through this catalogue, it is hoped that the readers can follow the artist's sketching footprints, and through his paintings pay renewed attention to sceneries in their surroundings, discovering the little joy in life while exploring the city''''s charming landscapes from a local perspective.