Chapas Sínicas - Stories of Macao in Torre do Tombo
Year of publication:2018
Language:Chinese, English, Portuguese
Size:28.5 X 23 cm
Price:MOP 200.00
Discounted price:MOP 160.00
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The collection of “Official Records of Macao During the Qing Dynasty (1693-1886)” jointly nominated by the Archives of Macao and the National Archive of Torre do Tombo of Portugal has been inscribed by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) onto the Memory of the World Register on 30 October 2017. The records are reflections on the conditions of the society, the people's lives, urban development, trade and commerce, etc. of Macao during the Qing Dynasty. In addition, they represent the significance of Macao to the world. The exhibition will showcase a selection of over one hundred records to share stories which, though took place in Macao, are of historical relevance to China, Portugal and even major developments in world history. It is expected that a cross referencing of the records with related images and documents can help to construct a vivid picture of Macao during the Qing Dynasty.