Passionate Appeals: Selected Poems and Essays by F. Hua-Lin
Collection:The House of Macao Literature: Works of Literature The House of Macao Literature - Literary Works Series (II)
Year of publication:2016
Size:21.1 X 14.2 cm
Price:MOP 80.00
Discounted price:MOP 64.00
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(This book was published in Chinese) The poet F. Hua-Lin (1915-1992), whose name was Fung Kam Chiu, was born in Macao and became famous for his poetry during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. It is a milestone in Macao's literary history. Several modern poems by F. Hua-Lin were picked for this work, as well as poem translations and modern poetry essays. The selected writings are not limited to already published ones, the book also includes his drafts, an important material for the study of Macao's literature.